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Alteration of Angiogenic Gene Expression in Heart, Muscle and Adipose Tissue by Exercise
PURPOSE: Exercise is one of the strongest stimuli for the induction of angiogenesis that is defined as a formation of new blood vessel. However, underlying mechanism of exercise-induced angiogenesis is not fully uncovered. Therefore, we reviewed the effect of exercise on angioge...
Comparative Analysis of Measuring Methods for Prediction of Critical Power in Rowers
PURPOSE: This study aims to carry out a comparative analysis of measuring methods to predict a critical power in rowers. METHODS: Three types of tests were performed for seven male university rowers: 1) a critical power determination test, 2) a 3‐ and 6‐minute all‐out rowi...
Contractile Properties of Single Muscle Fiber and Their Relations to Whole Muscle Strength in Korean Young Male
PURPOSE: This study investigated the muscle fiber type-related contractile properties and examined the relationship between whole limb muscle strengths and single muscle fiber contractile properties in Korean men. METHODS: Six Korean men (29.8±1.49 yr) were recruited and partic...
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    Validity and Reliability of a New 20-m PST Protocol for Predicting VO2max of Male Youths Aged 13-18 Years
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