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Exerc Sci > Volume 22(4); 2013 > Article
Exercise Science 2013;22(4): 351-362. doi: https://doi.org/10.15857/ksep.2013.22.4.351
중년 남성 스포츠 클라이밍 동호인의 경력에 따른 신체구성, 심폐기능 및 혈액성분의 비교 분석
손정준, 강창균, 정원상, 이만균
Comparative Analysis of Body Composition, Cardiorespiratory Function, and Blood Variables according to Career of Sports Climbing Club Activity in Middle-Aged Men
The purpose of the study was to compare body composition, cardiorespiratory function, and blood variables according to career of sports climbing club activity. Forty four middle-aged men participated in the study, and three groups were composed as follows: subjects who have career longer than 5 yrs(5 yr group; n=15), who have career of 2-3 yrs(2-3 yr group; n=15), and who have career less than 1 yr(1 yr group; n=14). Body composition, abdominal fat area, cardiorespiratory function, and blood variables related to hyperlipidemia, diabetes millitus, and antioxidative function as well as daily energy intake were measured and compared among three groups. Main results were as follows: 1) Fat weight, percent body fat, waist circumference, waist-hip-ratio, total fat area, visceral fat area, and subcutaneous fat were significantly lower in 5 yr group than the other two groups(p<0.01). Hip circumference was significantly lower in 5 yr group than 1 yr group(p<0.05). 2) HRrest was significantly lower in 5 yr group and 2-3 yr group than 1 yr group, whereas V ̇ O2max was significantly higher in 5 yr group and 2-3 yr group than 1 yr group(p<0.01). 3) Triglycerides(p<0.05), fasting plasma insulin(p<0.01), HOMA-IR(p<0.01), and superoxide dismutase(p<0.05) in 5 yr group were significantly different from the other two groups. 4) There was no significant difference in daily energy intake among three groups. It was found that percent body fat, cardiorespiratory function, and insulin sensitivity were getting more improved as career of sports climbing club activity is getting longer. All these positive changes were accomplished by sport climbing club activity per se regardless of food intake. It was concluded that sports climbing activity would be beneficial for preventing obesity, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes mellitus in middle-aged men.
Key words: sports climbing, middle-aged, body composition, cardiorespiratory function, insulin resistance
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