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Exerc Sci > Volume 14(3); 2005 > Article
Exercise Science 2005;14(3): 267-280.
복합 트레이닝이 편마비 환자의 뇌졸중 위험요인과 일상활동능력에 미치는 효과
신윤아1, 이형국2
The effects of Aerobic and Resistance Training on Stroke Risk Factor and ADL-related fitness variables inHemiplegia Patients
Shin, Y.A., Lee, H.K. The effects of Aerobic and Resistance Training on Stroke Risk Factor and ADL-related fitness variables in Hemiplegia Patients. Exercise Science, 14(3): 267-280, 2005. The purpose of this study was to investigate the effects of aerobic & resistance training(ART) on ADL-related fitness variables and stroke risk factors in hemiplegia. The groups of hemiparetic patients, ART group (age:72.00± 4.50yrs) and control group (age:72.86±6.04yrs) participated in the study. The stroke risk factors were based on the american heart association, including high blood pressure, smoking habits, blood glucose (BG), low HDL-cholestrol (HDL-C), total cholesterol (TC), obesity and hyperhomocysteinemia (Hcy). ADL-related fitness variables includes strength, flexibility, muscular endurance, agility, 6 min walking distance, 10 m walking time, activities daily of living (ADL) and instrumental activities of daily living (IADL). The subjects participated in 10-weeks training program (three sessions/wk, 1hr/session). Aerobic training was offered 3 times/week, 20 min/day at 70%HRmax. Resistance training was performed 3 times/week, 40 min/day at 13 RPE for 10 weeks. Body weight, percentage of body fat (% BF), systolic blood pressure (SBP) and diastolic blood pressure (DBP) were significantly decreased in ART group but control group was significantly decreased only % BF and DBP. TC, HbA1c, Hcy(29.9%, p<.05) were significantly deceased in ART group, but Hcy(119.4%, p<.01) was significantly increased in control group. ART group was improved ADL-related fitness variables after 10weeks. Control group was significantly improved flexibility, strength and 10 minuets walking time. Therefore, ART is effective in the improvement of body composition, ADL-related fitness variables and stroke risk factors. It may enhance the prevention of recurrence in stroke.
Key words: aerobic & resistance training, hemiplegia, activities of daily living, stroke risk factor.
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