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Exerc Sci > Volume 16(3); 2007 > Article
Exercise Science 2007;16(3): 305-316. doi: https://doi.org/10.15857/ksep.2007.16.3.305
골프 동계훈련 중 상해예방을 위한 탄력밴드 트레이닝의 효과
김효중1, 이상현2, 김광준3
The effects of elastic band training for injury prevention during winter training of golf
Kim, H.J., Lee, S.H., Kim, K.J. The effects of elastic band training for injury prevention during winter training of golf. Exercise Science, 16(3): 305-316, 2007. This study was to investigate the effect of 8-weeks elastic band training focused on the site of injury occurrence on body composition, isokinetic muscle strength flexibility, and balance in elite golfers during overseas winter training. The subjects for this study were composed of male(con;7, exe;7) with official handicap below 6. The change of body composition variable, isokinetic muscular strength, trunk flexion, and one leg stance with eyes close were measured prior to end 8 weeks exercise program. The result of this study was as following: In the muscle strength test with isokinetic equipment, training group shown significant gains in trunk flexors peak torque and total work(p<.05, p<.05). Elastic band training group also significantly increase right knee flexors and extensors peak torque(p<.05, p<.05). Training group shown significant gains right knee flexors total work(p<.05). There were no significant difference between left and right sides for hamstring/quadriceps ratio and bilateral balance. And elastic band training group also significantly improved flexibility and balance ability(p<.01, p<.05). In conclusion, the results suggest that resistance training programs utilizing elastic band can serve as practical and effective means of muscle strength and flexibility, balance ability for prevention of golf injury in elite golfers.
Key words: golf, sports injury, elastic band training
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