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Exerc Sci > Volume 18(2); 2009 > Article
Exercise Science 2009;18(2): 151-162. doi: https://doi.org/10.15857/ksep.2009.18.2.151
6주간의 진동운동 트레이닝이 비만 중년여성의 혈관탄성과 혈관조절물질에 미치는 영향
백윤일, 남상석, 선우섭
The effect of 6 weeks of the whole body vibration training on vascular compliance, and vascular regulation substance in middle aged obese women
The aim of this study was to investigate the effect of vibration training for 6 weeks for middle-aged obese women on renin activity which can indirectly estimate a variation of pulse wave velocity(PWV), the activity of atrial natriuretic peptide(ANP), restraining renin angiotensin system(RAS) activity, and the activity of angiotensin-II as the final active substance of RAS comparing with aerobic exercise(treadmill)group and then the exercise physiological effectiveness through vibration exercise that contributes to improving vascular compliance. The subjects who participated in the study were mid-aged obese female(n=21) and randomized in WBV(n=11, 43.1±5.0yrs, 34.3±3.5%fat) and aerobic group(n=10, 40.4±5.6yrs, 32.2±5.5%fat). The training was 20~26Hz, 33min/d, 3day/wk, for 6 week. For a WBV session, subject completed three 11-min sets of a rotation on the WBV platform that included 4 different body positions: standing(5min), 2 types of a squat(2min each), and one with greater upper body vibration(palms on the platform)(2min) and aerobic group was performed in exercise intensity of 60%HRmax, 3times a week, making reference to the previous study of 58%HRmax of vibration training. The vibration training for 6 weeks showed those similar to the effects that aerobic exercise has on reducing body weight and the rate of body fat and the effects reducing SBP significantly (p<.05) comparing with aerobic training. Vascular compliance was significantly improved (p<.05) on the right hand and foot after 3weeks and the left hand and foot after 6weeks respectively, while the effect of aerobic training did not appear. After the training, during resting time, renin had a tendency to be decreased in vibration group, ANP had a tendency to be creased in both aerobic and vibration group. Thus the vibration training for 6 weeks promoted vasodilation also, suggesting the possibility that the exercise would affect risk factors for cardiovascular disease, such as blood pressure and vascular compliance positively.
Key words: whole body vibration, vascular compliance, ANP, blood pressure, renin, PWV
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